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Water Pump Kits

Wasserpumpen Kits

Complete, reliable and perfectly matched:
The Water Pump Kit from HEPU®

Professionals have known it for a long time and choose the safe way when replacing the timing belt: they change the tensioners and deflection pulleys as well as the water pump all at the same time.

With HEPU® water pump kits we offer the safe and economic complete solution. It guarantees quick repairs without problems, and consequently also satisfied customers.

To guarantee the perfect operation and efficiency of the entire belt drive system it is important that all components operate seamlessly and optimally with each other.

Therefore all components of the HEPU® water pump kits meet the strict requirements of original equipment. 

Besides the water pump, all HEPU® kits consist of tensioners and deflection pulleys as well as timing belts and mounting accessories manufactured by leading original equipment suppliers



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