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Pulleys and Torsional Vibration dampers

Riemenscheiben und Dämpfer

IPD offers a wide range of pulleys and torsional vibration dampers manufactured by leading OE suppliers. 

All parts are perfectly matched to the specific requirements of the engine and chassis in order to ensure trouble-free and comfortable driving conditions.

Pulleys and torsional vibration dampers from IPD stand for safety, reliability and maximum product lifetime.

If the pulley is not checked and replaced regularly or poor-quality parts are used for the repair, there is a big risk of increased noise and vibration damages up to the massive engine failures. 

What’s inside is what counts! Especially the decoupling element and the damping component play a critical role. Only the know-how of OE specialists and the proper selection of all components guarantee maximum damping properties and optimum operating conditions.



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