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Exhaust gas recirculation valves
and idle control valves

AGR Ventil

A wide range of almost 300 different EGR valves and more than 100 idle control valves are completing our assortment of cooling and engine control products. 

EGR valves are responsible for the electronically-controlled exhaust gas recirculation and the reduction of emissions. Idle control valves stabilise the idle speed with fluctuations due to switchable consumers. 

IPD control valves are premium quality replacement parts, which ensure the perfect interaction between electronic and mechanic engine systems. In particular with high mileages, quality parts are important to guarantee the highest level of reliability and operational safety.

Convincing advantages:

  • Premium quality for more safety in engine management
  • Best value for money for cost-effective maintenance
  • Permanent addition and optimisation of the product range
  • Tested, solid premium quality of all parts
  • Many years of experience in engine control and cooling
  • technology systems


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